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About Us

Where Fashion Meets Footwear Science
A team of engineers, designers, healthcare professionals and lifestyle advisors have come together to understand and resolve ease and comfort issues in everyday life, particularly in the area of footwear and foot-health. We strive to curate footwear products that suit specific customer user groups, and even offer solutions required to fulfil individual personalized needs, so that our customers can lead healthier lives and enable them to perform better. We offer a range of expert selected, curated insoles and footwear. We as a brand that believe in keeping our customers at the core, we hope to inform you, educate you and inspire you to make decisions that help pursue long term health and wellness goals best suited for you.

Contact Us is a venture by Kan Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Our address
310 Hiren Light Industrial Estate, Mogul Lane, Mahim West, Mumbai, Maharashtra India 400016
Open hours
Daily 10:00 AM — 7:00 PM

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